amyAbout Amy

You may know Amy as teacher and owner of the former Carson City Yoga studio. She has been teaching yoga for many years, and practicing for many more than that! She has a long history in body work (massage, structural integration, fitness training, yoga) as well in depth study in anatomy, energetics, and meditation. Amy’s yoga classes weave together energy, alignment, breath, and meditation with a light-hearted and joyful approach that is useful both on and off the mat.

Fun fact: the word “amateur” comes from French and Latin for “one who loves,” and is etymologically related to the name Amy, which means “to take hold of, take the hand of, to regard as a friend.”

Amy rather likes being etymologically linked to a word that is about loving, yet also implies one who is not an expert. She would rather love something than be perfect at it, whether that’s yoga, her poetry, or any other adventure.

Let’s all be amatuers, regard each other as friends, and love what we do!

Feel free to reach out anytime with questions or just to say hello.

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